Retiring to a College Town Keeps You Young

Thursday, 30 May 2013 09:32
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blog8Many are starting to notice the growing trend of retirees favoring college towns rather than the usual resorts. As explains that “a college town might be a natural fit for the active retiree who's determined to keep learning and would much rather rock at a campus arena concert than in a chair.”

Many of the qualities that makes college towns so perfect for students are those that make them ideal for retirees. The low cost of living, access to fun events and culture, inexpensive restaurants, the opportunity to attend classes, lectures, and performances, as well as plenty of diversity in the community are all appealing to this generation of seniors.

Most universities and colleges have non-credit course offerings in dance, sports, languages, art, and an array of other topics available to the community at large. Those that don’t have these types of continuing education programs often allow seniors and other non-traditional students to audit a certain number of classes a semester at a reduced rate, or tuition waivers for those wanting to take coursework for credit.

For retirees who want to stay fit and active, many campuses have facilities open to the public, such as walking trails, tracks, or even public golf courses. They also have acclaimed art collections or attract traveling shows, as well as their own student-produced exhibitions, productions, and concerts. For those who want something more contemporary than classical, college towns are also likely to attract pop and rock acts to local music venues.

Many of the Regency Retirement locations are in the Southern United States, where as Southeast Discovery points out, “There are an abundance of college towns offered in the southeastern United States.” Regency residents can take advantage of the low cost of living and vibrant larger communities. For those seeking out the benefits of a college town, a retirement community offers many of the same advantages in terms of social opportunities and endless opportunities to stay engaged and involved.

When you combine the two, you really have an unbeatable chance to see and do both within the Regency community and the town at large. There’s no end to fun activities and chances to learn something new.

Written by Meghan O'Dea

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